Sketch Commissions are open!

Spread this on if you can folks, even if you’re not interested in one yourself. The prices start from £6 or about $10.

Sketch Commissions are open!

I’m opening myself for a short time for sketch commissions with a limited set of slots open (going to start with 5 and open up more as I go if demand/time goes OK). The sketches I’m going to do will be A6-sized sketch cards – I will send a high-quality digital version when its finished and send out the card itself to you as well! Bear in mind that we are talking ¼ of a normal sheet of paper so…

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Time to stand up, Scotland

I’m gonna take a short social media break after posting this, with Instagram being my likely exception. The vitriol from both sides is doing my nut in and its not even been 24 hours yet.

This is not a massive loss. This still was an achievement and is still something to be proud of. We enacted change even in loss. This is my standpoint…

Time to stand up, Scotland

I voted yes yesterday.

This wasn’t as part of SNP bluster, or an attack on the rest of the UK, or even a Braveheart-esque “freedom regardless” cry. At the end of a fractious, heated and sometimes bitter campaign, it was my opinion (and mine alone) that the facts showed we could do independence and even be better off as a result compared to being in the Union. I had said from the beginning of the…

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alienatedyouth85 asked:

What's annoyed me most about the Better Together campaign is that all they have focused on is the worst case scenarios for currency, oil and the NHS. Thing is its a punt, Yes camp always said that, but sometimes the gambles worth it in the long run.


I think what annoys me is the fact that Scotland bloody subsidizes England! lol but it hasn’t even been brought up by the media. If anyone were to read into the facts instead of listening to propaganda and fear tactics being spread by English profiteering (who don’t want to admit that they’ve treated Scotland like shit and need the money Scotland brings in), people would see just how much sense an independent Scotland makes. It’s a no brainer to me lol. 

That’s why it took me all of about a second to decide where my cross was going today 😜 The list of things that could be debunked so easily is ridiculous. Oil revenue would be good short to medium term, but then we have so much revenue coming from tourism (highlands and islands, golf, Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh to name some touristy stuff), whiskey (brilliant stuff when you find a decent malt 😀), R&D (some of the best research universities are in Scotland) and much more that we’d be pretty stable. Even if the pound sterling wasn’t allowed it never hurt Ireland to move to their own currency (that was the Euro). Our healthcare is seen as better than down south and that’s without the spectre of privatisation (Hell, we have free prescriptions in Scotland, you need to pay £8-ish in England and Wales - that one fact alone has saved me hundreds in the last couple of years)

The biggest thing though is we can only return 59 MPs to Westminster so there is next to no guarantee that the party we vote for would have the say for us over sovereign matters - there’s one Conservative MP and 11 Lib Dem MPs in Scotland and yet the government is Tory-Lib Dem (40 MPs are Labour, usually Scotland sends mostly Labour MPs to London). If we vote yes, then its the people the Scottish electorate vote into power in 2016 that would represent our sovereignty. A no vote keeps the vastly unfair status quo.

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