A lot of people have been complaining about the new Zero Suit Samus model for Super Smash Bros 4 - not because of the usual things for female game characters but because of her new boots. REALLY?

Nintendo didn’t originally put her in heels (look at the character model in the Wii game Metroid: Other M - developed by Team Ninja) but at least Nintendo have rolled with it and made them practical and part of her abilities. Hence, fan art of one of my favourite game characters was a must. Enjoy the latest #TabletSketch.

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Just a thing to prove to my mom.

Please reblog if you’re a girl and you don’t shave your legs/arm pits, or you’re a girl who does shave her legs/arm pits, but doesn’t think any the less of others that do not or if you’re a guy who doesn’t care if a girl shaves or not.

If I get enough reblogs, I’ll show this to her, and maybe it will be enough to convince her to stop telling me to be ashamed of my body’s natural functions just because I’m a girl.

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